We’re very sorry – Tijani

Eaglets Apologize after World Cup Exit, Blame VAR decision for Dampened Morale

Captain of the Nigeria’s U17 team Samson Tijani
has apologized after the side’s exit from the FIFA
World Cup in the round of 16.

Nigeria fell 3-1 to the Netherlands on Wednesday to
see their campaign in Brazil come to a halt.

Tijani told http://www.brila.net that the team was unlucky
and undone by a very good side.

“We are very sorry; We as a team to the entire
Nigerians. We tried our best but the result was
down to hard luck coupled with the fact that our
opponents are a very good side.
“I want to thank my team mates also, we all put our
best but that’s how far God said we can go in this
“Our team had to succumb to the pressure from our
opponent, we tried to calm the pressure and we
were able to achieve that until the dying minutes
where VAR had to suppress us with that penalty.
“That alone weakened our morale and it is already
late for a come back at that minute,”

said the
Eaglets captain.

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