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Hawks Eye Apologize For Wrong Visual

Hawk-Eye company apologises for VAR confusion on 19 Oct, From the section of a Premier League.

A wrong graphic is displayed during Tottenham’s
match against Watford
The big screen initially adjusted the scoreline to
show Tottenham’s goal had been given – but also
read ‘no goal’ in an error by Hawk-Eye.

The company that provides the Premier League’s
video assistant referee (VAR) technology has
apologised to Tottenham and Watford fans after an
incorrect graphic was sent to the big screen during
Saturday’s 1-1 draw.

Dele Alli rescued a point for Spurs after a VAR
review for handball decided the goal had been
correctly awarded.

However, initially the big screen wrongly indicated a
‘no goal’ verdict.
Hawk-Eye Innovations said it will work with the
league to avoid future issues.

By Victor Aluede G.y

Aluede G.y Victory is a history
enthusiast an a mediapreneur living in Aboru,
Lagos. He studied arts at skills click foundation, he is an alumni of Rehoboth college Aboru, Lagos.

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