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Former Danish international makes bizarre claim about Christian Eriksen’s future.

Tottenham Hotspur Player celebrating.

It’s funny sometimes when a phrase clearly doesn’t translate into another language. Sometimes it can give you a humerous saying that sort of makes sense – think Diego Maradona and “letting the tortoise get away from you”.

Sometimes it just comes across as bizarre. It might make sense on some levels, but it’s just not something you could really use in everyday conversation.

The latest example comes from a report on . It seem the former Danish international Stig Tofting would rather see Christian Eriksen move to Bayern Munich rather than Real Madrid.

How did he express that opinion? Well he feels that Eriksen would fit Bayern like an a*se in a bucket” I’m guessing he means that would be a good fit. The report does go on to suggest that he thinks the Spurs star isn’t glamorous enough for Real Madrid. He doesn’t think he would enjoy being a galactico and the attention that comes with it.
At this point he does seem destined to leave Spurs. His contract expires next Summer and there’s no obvious sign of a new deal being agreed at any point. It would leave him free to discuss terms with other clubs from January about a pre contract agreement.

There does seem to be a feeling that this could be the end of an era for Spurs. They are having a tough time on the pitch and a lot of players are being linked with moves away as they approach their 30’s.
If Eriksen does have the choice of Madrid or Bayern it will be interesting to see which team he decides to choose. Maybe it’s time both clubs start measuring up for that bucket.

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