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Here Are Three Great Footballers Who Hate Their Parents With Passion

-The Parent-Child Relationship is one that nurtures the physical, emotional and social development of the child.

-It is a unique bond that every child and parent will can enjoy and nurture.

-This relationship lays the foundation for the child’s personality, life choices and overall behaviour. It can also affect the strength of their social, physical, mental and emotional health.

Forming a connection with your child is important to developing a strong parent-child relationship but there are some individuals which despite these still doesn’t love their parents and vice versa.

This shouldn’t sound strange to you that some people may have resentment towards their family. This could be caused by a number of factors; it could be physically or emotionally.
Here comes the compilation of three professional footballers who are said to detest their parents.

1. Emmanuel Adebayor

He’s a professional Togolese striker born on 26th February, 1984. He was voted African Footballer of the year 2008 while playing for Arsenal. I could vividly remember watching an interview when Emmanuel Adebayor revealed that his manipulative family frustrated him to the point of taking his own life.

According to Emmanuel Adebayor “I often change my phone number just to avoid my family”. He said they don’t care about his well being or career but whenever they call all they ask for is money. No one knows what might have happened in the past that could make a man change his phone number often just to avoid communicating with his own parents.

2. Mario Balotelli

He is an Italian born footballer. He was born on August 12, 1990 as the son of Ghanaian immigrants. He started football at a tender age through the help of his foster parents despite the health complications he faced at young age. He played well for his young football team and the won many trophies for them.

He ended up as a professional footballer who played for teams like Manchester City, Nice, Inter Milan and many so on. In June 2012, Balotelli scored a goal that gave Italy a ticket to the Euro 2012 Championship, and he dedicated the goal to his foster mother, Silva. There has never been a time Balotelli gave room to dedicate anything to his own biological parents. This could just be some sort of resentment.

3. Dele Alli

He’s an England professional footballer with African Origin. He was born on 19 April, 1996. As a child, he lived part of his life and schooled in Lagos, Nigeria until age 11 when he went to England to pursue his football career.
According to him, it does not reflect who his is. He took the name “Alli” from the back of his Jersey and this spring a lot of controversies. Till date, he chooses not to talk about his family or parents and will always say it’s too complicated to talk about.
I don’t think someone who loves his parents so much will find it complicated to make reference to them as being part of his success.

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