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Kwara ( Yoruba : Ìpínlẹ̀ Kwárà ) is a state in
Western Nigeria . Its capital is Ilorin.
Kwara is located within the North Central
geopolitical zone, commonly referred to as the
Middle Belt .
The primary ethnic group is Yoruba , with significant
Nupe, Bariba, and Fulani minorities.


Kwara State was created on 27 May 1967, when the
Federal Military Government of General Yakubu
Gowon broke the four regions that then constituted
the Federation of Nigeria into 12 states.
At its creation, the state was made up of the former
Ilorin and Kabba provinces of the then Northern
Region and was initially named the West Central
State but later changed to “Kwara”, a local name for
the River Niger .
Kwara State has since 1976 reduced considerably in
size as a result of further state creation exercises in
Nigeria. On 13 February 1976, the Idah / Dekina
part of the state was carved out and merged with a
part of the then
Benue/Plateau State to form Benue State .
On 27 August 1991, five local government areas,
namely Oyi, Yagba, Okene, Okehi and Kogi were
also excised to form part of the new
Kogi State , while a sixth, Borgu Local Government
Area, was merged with Niger State .
Kwara state has numerous mineral resources such
as tamaline, tantalite , and lots of mineral deposit in
the northern part Ndeji and Lema Community.
Cocoa and Kolanut in the Southern parts Oke – Ero ,
Ekiti and Isin LGA.

Local Government Areas

Kwara State consists of sixteen Local Government
Areas . They are:
Ilorin East
Ilorin South
Ilorin West
Oke Ero


Drummers in Ijomu Oro village, Kwara State.
Important tourist attractions in Kwara State include
Esie Museum, Owu waterfalls , Imoleboja Rock
Shelter, Ogunjokoro, Kainji Lake National Parks and
Agbonna Hill Awon Mass Wedding in Shao. There
is also Sobi Hill amongst others which is the
largest landform in Ilorin, the state capital.


Agriculture is the main source of the economy and
the principal cash crops are: cotton,
cocoa , coffee, Kolanut , tobacco , beniseed and
palm produce.
Mineral resources in the state are Gold, limestone,
marble, feldspar, clay, kaolin, quartz and granite


Industries in the state include Dangote Flour Mill,
Lubcon Lubricant Company, Kam Industries Nigeria
Ltd, Tuyil Pharmacy Nig Ltd, Padson Industries NiG
Ltd, Kwara Breweries, Ijagbo Global Soap and
Detergent Industry, United Match Company, Tate and
Lyle Company, Resinoplast Plastic Industry,
Phamatech Nigeria Limited, Kwara Textile and
Kwara Furniture Company all in Ilorin. Others are
Paper Manufacturing Industry, Jebba, Okin Foam
and Okin Biscuits, Offa, Kay Plastic, Ganmo and
Kwara Paper Converters Limited, Erin-ile. Others are
Sugar Producing Company, Bacita, Kwara animal
Feed Mall, Ilorin and the Agricultural Products


Kwara has a federal university, the University of
Ilorin , a state university, Kwara State University ,
two polytechnics, Kwara State Polytechnic and
Federal Polytechnic Offa, three colleges: the college
of education, Ilorin, school of Health technology,
Offa and college of Nursing, Ilorin.
It is also home to three Private universities;
Landmark University , Omu-Aran, Crown Hill
University , Eiye N’korin, Al-Hikmah University , Ilorin
and Summit University, Offa.
There is also a navy school and aviation college.
Schools include Emmanuel Baptist College in Ilorin.

By Victor Aluede G.y

Aluede G.y Victory is a history
enthusiast an a mediapreneur living in Aboru,
Lagos. He studied arts at skills click foundation, he is an alumni of Rehoboth college Aboru, Lagos.

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