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Kidnapper Evans: I Can Estimate Financial Value Of Victims From Short Distance

Alleged kidnap kingpin, Chukwudimeme Onwuamadike, alias Evans has said he could
estimate the financial value of his victims from a short distance.

Evans said this in a video played during his trial in an Ikeja High Court on Friday during the cross-
examination of the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) Insp. Idowu Haruna by Mr Emmanuel Ochai, the defence counsel to Victor Aduba, one of Evans’ co-

The alleged kidnap kingpin, in the video, was sitting on a sofa and confessing to Haruna about various kidnappings he masterminded.

Evans gave the details of his alleged victims who mostly paid ransoms in six-figure foreign currencies with the exception of two alleged victims who paid
ransoms of $1million and $2.3million each.

In the video, Haruna who is also a member of the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) asked Evans how he mapped out strategies to kidnap his alleged victims, Evans while smiling, replied simply

“when you see someone that
has money you will know”.

The alleged kidnapper, in the video, told the IPO that he knew that the individuals he and his alleged gang members kidnapped will pay the ransoms
even if it involving selling their property to raise the funds.

He noted that through a contact who was in prison, he was able to procure arms for his kidnap

He said in the video that a pharmaceutical boss, Mr
Donatius Dunu who had already paid a ransom of 223,000 Euros had not finished paying the ransom in full before escaping and alerting the police.

By Victor Aluede G.y

Aluede G.y Victory is a history
enthusiast an a mediapreneur living in Aboru,
Lagos. He studied arts at skills click foundation, he is an alumni of Rehoboth college Aboru, Lagos.

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