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FG Plans To Site Nuclear Plant In Akwa Ibom, Says Residents Should Not To Be Afraid.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Ita Enang, in an

interview in Uyo, told the people of Iboku not to resort to violence in opposing the siting of the plant in their community, saying the Federal Government

would not do anything to the detriment of the people.

He said the result of the environmental impact assessment of the project would determine if the federal government would go ahead to establish the plant in the area.

His words:

“I had engaged in a meeting with the former Director-General of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency
in my house on the safety of this project, and I had told him that there are other alternative sources of energy that are safer. We did not complete the discussion until his tenure expired and he left, and another person was appointed.”

“Where we are now is where they are doing an environmental impact analysis and the discussion we had with the former Director-General was that
they have to do an environmental impact analysis
and a lot of people in the whole of that area will have to be evacuated in case of an accident. “And I drew his attention to Chernobyl and the number of
nuclear accidents we were having in the world at that time, and I also drew his attention to the fact that around Chile, nuclear plants accident had sunk
almost a whole clan.

“We have to find out what the people really want and the effects of it and if there is no other
alternative to doing it. “People should be calm and just make their submissions. There shouldn’t be any violence about it.

The Federal Government will take a decision based on the report of the assessment.”

By Victor Aluede G.y

Aluede G.y Victory is a history
enthusiast an a mediapreneur living in Aboru,
Lagos. He studied arts at skills click foundation, he is an alumni of Rehoboth college Aboru, Lagos.

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