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ANTHONY MATIAL’S WIFE REVEALS HOW Mourinho ‘injustice’ left him ‘suffering’

Anthony Martial’s wife has revealed the Manchester United striker was left ‘suffering’ during Jose Mourinho’s spell at Old Trafford and admitted she felt ‘trapped’ due to what she perceived the be the ‘injustice’ directed towards her husband.

Mourinho, who now coaches Tottenham Hotspur, was reportedly keen to sell the France international while in charge of Manchester United, but a move was blocked by executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward.

The Portuguese manager, who has previously coached Chelsea and Real Madrid, was subsequently sacked by Manchester United chiefs and Martial has been restored to the starting line-up under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, scoring eight goals in 15 starts this season.

But his wife, Melanie Martial Da Cruz, has lifted the lid on what was a tumultuous time under Mourinho and revealed she used to purposefully avoid his ex-coach.

We’re just watching our man go down. I was experiencing it so badly that I didn’t go to certain events so as not to meet the coach.’

Asked if she ever considered attacking Mourinho on social media, she replied: ‘No, never, because Anthony doesn’t want to. You have to stay where you belong. On the other hand, when he came in and scored, I wanted to scream out my pride.’

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